Secretarial services in the UAE (United Arab Emirates)

It is rather difficult to imagine a modern prosperous company, which operates without a secretarial link. Most of us firmly know that in order to competently supervise and control the work of the whole company, the leader alone is not enough. The staff of the secretariat conducts a huge segment of the detail of any commercial enterprise, in particular, control the state of the office, interact directly with customers, guide, help executives conduct business at the time of their absence and provide communication with the public. Obviously, there is no point in arguing about the importance of secretaries, and many leaders of successful companies are keen to ask: where to find a professional and responsible secretary?

Currently, many foreigners open their business in the United Arab Emirates, where all favorable conditions have been created by the state. Zero tax rates, absence of corporate fees and fees for profit, absence of need for detailed reporting and much more. All this attracts huge numbers of foreign investors in the UAE, which launch new types of activities in the country, open organizations and enterprises. And of course, in order to conduct their business competently and rationally, it is first of all to take care of qualified assistants. Secretarial services in the UAE (Arab Emirates) are an integral element for every modern business that is performed within the state.

The business niche of the Arab Emirates is quite specific and many founders of companies and firms are not located in the country on a permanent basis. At the same time, their businesses are not paused, so the need for qualified assistance at every stage of business is acute. It is not necessary to hire one permanent employee on a generally accepted basis in the state; the most rational solution will be to contact the relevant company, which is ready to provide a full range of accompanying services for business activities.

The international company Business without borders is ready to provide every foreign resident in the UAE with qualified administrative support at every stage of the personal business implementation. The team of professional specialists will be able to plan and optimize all processes related to the documents collection and processing, and will also become a reliable attendant in negotiations with state agencies. The company will also help with conducting business registration and obtaining a license for activities within the domestic market or FEZ of the UAE, issuing visas and trademarks registration.

Besides assistance at the initial stage of a personal business organization, we are ready to provide administrative support throughout the entire period of your business existence. Specialists can organize a document storage system, assist in obtaining various certificates and papers, resolve issues related to banking services and accounts’ opening. It is worth emphasizing that being armed with qualified professional support, every modern businessman can feel more confident and calm.

Business without borders company will help legalize all documents in competent state institutions, translate them into English or Arabic languages, perform purchase and sale transactions of firms or their shares, and also help to take part in various business events: exhibitions, trainings, seminars and conferences.

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