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In order to effectively run a personal business in the territory of another country, while not being its citizen, you need to get special visa permission from the competent state bodies. It is obvious that it is not easy to remotely conduct business within another state, especially at the initial stages of business formation. For the competent organization of the international company’s activities, its founders must have a maximum amount of time in the immediate vicinity of the company in order to have a full opportunity to manage its work and solve all organizational issues. The United Arab Emirates is not an exception and in order to manage the work of a personal enterprise here, while having the necessary amount of time on the territory of the country, it is necessary to take care of obtaining an official visa permit in time.

Resident visa in Dubai: what is it?

A resident visa in Dubai is a document that gives its holder the right to cross the borders of the United Arab Emirates and stay there until the document’s validity.

Getting a resident visa permit means to get broad opportunities not only for an unhindered long stay in the country, but also to do business there, conduct business and receive the necessary protection from the state. Resident visa in Dubai and other emirates, in the most cases, is issued for a period of 2-3 years only under conditions if the foreign citizen:

  • Has personal business within the Arab Emirates.
  • Is officially employed in the country.
  • Has the real estate property.

Also, a resident visa obtaining grants a foreign citizen the right to open accounts in the local banking institutions with receipt of a checkbook, obtain a local driver’s license, claim for protection of rights from the state and much more.


A resident visa in the United Arab Emirates is issued for a period of up to three years and upon its expiration can be extended unlimited number of times. For those who have obtained a visa permit of this type, there is one inescapable requirement: the UAE resident cannot be outside the country for more than 180 days. To avoid visa mark cancellation, it is necessary to cross the state border every six months and stay in the country for several days.


Resident visa permits can be provided in several variants, depending on the purpose of long-term stay in the country:

  • Investor Visa. This kind is provided to persons, who are the founders of companies and organizations operating within the United Arab Emirates. It is worth emphasizing that owners of the companies with offshore status cannot claim an investor’s visa.
  • Employment Visa. Permission of this type can be granted to citizens of other countries, who have entered into a labor contract with local companies or firms operating within one of the FEZs (Free Economic Zones).
  • The dependent visa is being processed for the nearest relatives of the Arab Emirates’ residents; however for its reception a number of accompanying documentation is required. A resident visa in Dubai for a child, spouse, parents and other related persons requires the submission of documents proving the relationship, as well as certificates on the availability of the necessary amount of funds for the maintenance of relatives in the territory of the state and documents evidencing the availability of housing (contract of lease or certificate of ownership).
  • Visa permission granted to owners of the real estate in the United Arab Emirates. It should be noted that visas for real estate owners can be issued only if its value corresponds to the minimum established by the authorities of each emirate. For example, the minimum real estate cost in Dubai is 1 million Arab dirham, or 275 thousand of US dollars.


Specifics of visa permits processing and terms of obtaining


In order to obtain the resident status in one of the richest countries in the world, it is worthwhile to provide the package of documents required by the competent authorities. Traditionally, the list of required documents includes:

  • Passport and its copy of the applicant for a visa permit.
  • A color photo, which clearly shows more than 85% of the face.
  • Documents evidencing the presence of the company and the percentage of shares held (for Investor Visa obtaining).
  • Extracts from the founder’s personal bank account.
  • Reference from the supposed place of work (for Employment Visa opening).
  • Document on the real estate availability (for visa marks, which are issued to the owners of the real estate in the UAE).
  • To obtain permission for entering and staying, relatives should provide the legalized documents proving the relationship: birth certificate, marriage certificate. In a situation where one of the parents plans to open a visa for the child, it is necessary to provide a notarized authorization from the second guardian to leave the child outside the state. It also requires a contract of residential real estate lease and the applicant’s income reference.

Generally, the time for issuing visa permits for the UAE residents directly depends on the place of their registration and approximately 5-10 working days for obtaining an entry permit to the state and 5-15 working days for making a visa in the passport.


The resident visa in Dubai and the price of its registration can also vary, depending on the place of registration. In most cases, the cost ranges from 1,000 to 2,000 US dollars.


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