Comprehensive legal support of business in the UAE

Today, the UAE is a successful and prosperous country, whose citizens do not feel the impact of the global crisis in any way. And this is the only state in the world, where it is not just profitable to conduct business, but even very convenient. The personal business here is not taxed; a well-formed banking system helps in business development. There is a defense of the entrepreneurs’ rights here, which was developed over the years; you can freely enter and withdraw funds.

Our company has long been engaged in providing such services as the ready-made business legal support in the UAE. We help our clients at all stages of their business formation in the United Arab Emirates, starting from moving and registering the necessary papers up to selecting managers.

Advantages of doing business in the UAE

The main advantage in the UAE zone is the absence of the need to constantly report. However, here you can find an exception – this is some operations with the real estate registration. The next advantage is the absence of taxation. The tax rates are practically zero, which means that those firms that have decided to work in the UAE are completely exempted from paying taxes. This, perhaps, can explain the popularity of the Emirates in the context of foreign companies’ registration.

Business without borders company offers its clients a full range of legal assistance, as well as confidentiality in the companies’ registration in the UAE. There is no need to disclose the firms and enterprises owners’ data, since the law of the state does not provide such requirements.

State services of the Arab Emirates do not conduct currency control, which only simplifies the process of doing business.

Legal support in Dubai, which is provided by our company, will help you quickly and efficiently register your company there, while getting the opportunity to conduct business in a highly developed country. The UAE has a stable economy and legislation, which is very loyal to business.

Features of company’s registration in the UAE

If you need a ready-made business legal support in the UAE, and projects and prices are important to you, you should contact our company. We have an individual approach to each customer, understanding that not always the standard approach will fit to everyone. You will be assigned a personal consultant, who will help solving all the problems. He will be able to prepare the necessary documents, which eliminates the need running from specialist to specialist.

In order to register a business in the United Arab Emirates, you do not need to contribute authorized capital. And this is important at the first stage of business formation.

You can open an account only in local banks, and only personally. Non-residents cannot use the services of international financial or credit institutions. The procedure for opening an account takes about 20 days. To do this, you will need:

  • to prepare corporate documents (originals);
  • to take a letter from the servicing bank with information about the founder’s personal account (it must be translated into English or Arabic);
  • to make an extract on cash flow on the account for the last six months (translated into English);
  • papers that confirm the real residence at the address indicated in the documents (the bills for utilities, etc.);
  • to be personally present at bank.

The legal support’s essence

Our specialists have vast experience in this field. They can get out of any, even the most difficult, situation. We offer solutions for any tasks, including:

  • developing relationships with public authorities in the country;
  • immediate consultation at any time and on any disputable issues;
  • we provide legal support to your employees;
  • we offer full legal support of your company for the whole time of its existence;
  • we compile, process and maintain commercial documentation in Arabic;
  • we are registering the company, including obtaining all necessary certificates and licenses.

In Dubai, everyone unquestioningly adhere to the legislative norms. Therefore, in order not to have problems with the law, you need to know in detail all aspects and nuances. It is almost impossible to study all this in a relatively short time. In this case, a ready-made business legal support in the UAE is useful, the price for which is simply surprisingly low, considering all the services we provide.

Legal services

A ready-made business legal support in the UAE (Yekaterinburg and other regions of the Russian Federation) includes business support in such directions:

  1. We accompany deals from start to finish. This service includes both duties’ payment and our customers’ protection in the courtroom. That is all that may a lawyer be needed for in Dubai.
  2. We are engaged in disputes’ settlement before the trial. It is very expensive to conduct a court procedure in the UAE, which is why the majority of cases can be easily resolved without court intervention. Such option as sending judicial note to a person is widely used in Dubai. Our specialists will conduct a competent formation of this notice, which will effectively resolve any disputes.
  3. We solve any problems in the field of labor law. Labor legislation in the UAE is used very effectively. Our lawyers will be able to draw up competent labor contracts on site, which will take into account the protection of trade secrets in case of employee’s dismissal. Also we can hold consultations for your specialists and teach them the legal nuances in the labor law of the UAE.

Business in the United Arab Emirates has certain features, without regard to which it will be difficult to comply with all the norms of the legislation of this country. We offer our customers legal support services in the UAE. Our vast long-term experience of such work and high qualification of our lawyers will help effective cooperation with us. This fact gives confidence in the possibility of solving any problems that have arisen.

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