Business organization in the UAE

Business organization in the UAE is a common request from modern entrepreneurs. It is obvious that a huge percentage of businessmen around the world are aimed at conquering one of the leading business markets, as the prospect of doing business in one of the most prosperous and progressive countries of the world is a practical sign of prestige and success. In addition, due to favorable economic situation, financial stability and stable legislative base, the United Arab Emirates provides fertile ground for active business development and increase of its profitability.


Why is it worth starting business in the UAE?

First of all, the majority of businessmen, pursuing the aim of starting personal entrepreneurial activities in a rapidly developing Arab state, are attracted by the factor of loyal taxation system. Currently, the United Arab Emirates is considered one of the most favorable regions in terms of taxes. Due to the unconditional stability of the economy in the country, as well as the fact that taxes are not at all a key source of replenishment of the state treasury, the functioning enterprises and business organizations are not subject to VAT, income taxes and income fees for most citizens of other countries. Such approach on the part of the state to attract foreign investment, of course, has delivered benefits, because of the numerous tax incentives for foreign enterprises, as well as the existence of specialized economic zones, that business investments from all corners of the globe have begun to accumulate in huge amounts in the country. Whereas, the companies get the opportunity to maximize the costs of business establishing and operating.


Another, important factor that makes the Arab Emirates an attractive country for foreign business leaders is the broad consumer potential of the local population. It is quite obvious that the overwhelming majority of the UAE citizens are interested in purchasing completely different products and services, and in connection with a high standards of living, the purchasing power implies great prospects from the sale of goods or services. Of course, depending on the type of activity and location, the profitability of the company may vary. For example, the organization of business in Dubai can bring quite a high income to companies that operate in trade areas, as well as providing professional legal, medical, tourist and advisory services.


How to open a company in the UAE?

Business without borders company is ready to assist in the business opening in the United Arab Emirates. A team of qualified employees will provide professional assistance when registering a company within the country or individual economic zones, as well as choosing a banking structure and opening an account, legalizing documentation and obtaining a resident visa.


A ready-made business organization in the UAE will allow optimizing the process of starting personal commercial activities, as well as avoiding numerous bureaucratic procedures that will help the company’s employees implementing in a shorter period of time. It is worth noting that business organization in the UAE and the prices of related services will depend on the nature of the company, the nature of its activities, and the selected region for registration.

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