Documents Legalization in the UAE

In order to get the ability to reside on the territory of one of the most prosperous countries in the world – the United Arab Emirates, as well as to conduct business effectively and successfully here, you need to take care of receiving a number of permits in the local competent institutions. Documents legalization is required for the most comfortable staying in the country and full life-sustaining activities.


Documents legalization for the UAE (United Arab Emirates) is a process that requires a certain knowledge and responsibility, so it should be entrusted only to professionals. The possibility of further staying and performing any activities in the UAE depends on how competently the work with the documents will be performed, thus while applying for administrative services it is necessary to choose only a time-proven partners.



Business without borders company is ready to provide you with a complete list of qualified administrative and advisory services on business registration and organization in the United Arab Emirates, as well as help to legalize documents for use in the United Arab Emirates government structures.


Why do you need the public documents legalization in the UAE?


Nowadays, the Hague Convention, of 1961, is valid in the majority of countries in the world, which abolishes the requirement of legalization for foreign public documents within the member states. Due to the fact that the authorities of the United Arab Emirates has not ratified the Hague Convention of 1961, the local government authorities do not take for processing the certificates issued and, accordingly, do not give them for documentation in other countries. All foreign documents that the UAE state agencies are taking for consideration, should be translated into Arabic and English languages, as well as certified by the competent authorities in the country, where they were issued, and then legalized in the United Arab Emirates.


Therefore, documents legalization in Dubai and other emirates of the state is an essential requirement for obtaining government permits for the opening and performing business, as well as other activities within the country.


Business without borders company is ready to provide a full range of services for any foreign documents legalization for use in the United Arab Emirates, as well as help to translate and legalize the documents obtained in the UAE for its application in other countries. The qualified experts will professionally translate all the necessary documents, and the authorized persons will certify them for use in the state structures and bodies.


Due to the many years’ experience (the company operates in the international market for over 15 years), the company has tried and true partnership with state institutions, consular institutions and banking organizations in the United Arab Emirates, as well as sales offices in many countries, which allows fast documents processing, perform its legalization and fully conduct business activities in the country. A team of specialists is perfectly oriented in the local legal and regulatory bases, familiar with the specifics of the business, as well as guarantees individual approach to all tasks.

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